The Faith Passed Once For All

I am angry
at what was given me
by the founders of my faith.

Terror in toy boxes -
the satanic panic of
demons lurking round every bend.
This is the faith
once for all
passed to me?

Some call it cheesy
others say stupid
some others say irrelevant
to life and love.
What was given to me
was something to be
ashamed of.

And now, I believe in secret
not wanting the cool kids
to know I kneel at the cross,
lest I am found out
cheesy, irrelevant, stupid.

After all,
we are our ancestors legacy
inheriting their flaw
fulfilling their dreams
(which when made
of fear and withdrawal
from this, my Fathers world,
amount to nothing more
than remaining afraid of the dark).

Is that what you wanted for me
you sought to keep me pure
to stay my course
to remain faithful
and now I am faithfully afraid
that my faith will be found
and I will prove to be
nothing more than the specter
you thought could drag me away
from grace’s grasp.

Originally published at on March 11, 2021.

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