Was Abraham a good man?

Isaac wondered this about his father as they walked down the mountain. He had always looked up to his father, but now, things felt different. I mean, this is the man who had just almost killed Isaac. The knife was in the air, the fire at the ready. Isaac was to be the sacrifice in worship to this God that had commanded his father to kill him. Isaac didn’t know how to feel about a father who would offer his flesh and blood on an altar to God… a god that stopped the sacrifice in…

I am angry
at what was given me
by the founders of my faith.

Terror in toy boxes -
the satanic panic of
demons lurking round every bend.
This is the faith
once for all
passed to me?

Some call it cheesy
others say stupid
some others say irrelevant
to life and love.
What was given to me
was something to be
ashamed of.

And now, I believe in secret
not wanting the cool kids
to know I kneel at the cross,
lest I am found out
cheesy, irrelevant, stupid.

After all,
we are our ancestors legacy
inheriting their flaw
fulfilling their dreams

A poem called Anxiety.

I have nightmares every day;
Visions of clipped cars, car crashes
Busses rear-ending small Toyotas.

I have to pace when I wait
shaking hands into motionless buzz
of Frenzy.

They say it’s nervous energy.
I tell you the truth:
It’s thousands upon millions
of memories Pushing to exit me

I must contain them
I am Pandora’s Box.
I keep monsters in my head.
I am full of the stuff
under the bed of the world
where adam first slept with Eve.
I am the Beast stalking the corners
of my closet

The thing you hope is

The office was small and cramped.

A desk took up most of the room, but there was a couch. White, if I remember correctly. I was sitting on it, talking to this church planter, this pastor. As he faced me, we discussed this thing I was doing. Maybe it was a church plant; perhaps it was just an alternative kind of service. Either way, my pastor had commissioned me to do this undertaking under the eye of about five local ministry leaders, including Tom, who’s office I was sitting in.

When I left that office, I was angry and hurt…

We used to burn so brightly.

There was something beautiful about our passion, our fire. It glowed and flickered, raged, and shown brightly. We were the future, pastors, worship leaders, evangelists. We were the Joshua generation, charged with ushering the church into a promised land in the midst of a dark culture surrounding us. We gave you everything. Time. Resources. Commitment. We believed with the core of our being, and we wanted to change the world.

Then we burned out.

We became hurt and wounded, bitter and jaded. Our fire suffered violence at the hands of the so-called orthodox. We…

Lectionary Reading for August 30, 2020
Old Testament: Exodus 3.1–15
Psalm: 105.1–6, 23–26, 45
New Testament: Romans 12.9–21
Gospel: Matthew 16.21–28

We don’t want Jesus.

We want someone to make things better, someone we can rely on to come in and save the day. We want someone to help us win, to help us achieve our hopes and dreams. We want someone to come and give us victory over every discomfort, every bad day, every negative thing in our lives.

In short, we want a hero.

That’s not Jesus.

I know I’m not supposed to say things like this, but…

I have all sorts of issues.

I have problems that I need help working through. Life gets confusing for me, anxiety and depression dog my days, and I have some self-worth issues that I can’t overcome on my own. I need help navigating towards healing and wholeness, towards an integrated, healthy life.

I’m a mess, and I know it. But I don’t want to stay a mess.

So, where do I turn to for help? Who do I talk to? Growing up, I indirectly learned that it was the pastor that I should speak to about this stuff. No one…

There is this story that tells us about a father.

The story goes like this: one of the father’s two sons asked for his half of the inheritance to cash it out and leave. The father gave him what he asked for, and the son took off. The story tells us that the father was always waiting for his son to return, waiting for him to come home. The father is patient, scanning the horizon, waiting for a glimmer that he may be on our way home. When the father finally sees his son’s speck in the distance, this father…

The chime resounded through the room.

This was the beginning of worship, the beginning of the processional, the beginning of the liturgy. The tone ringing in our ears called us to gather, to settle in our pews, and to prepare for what was about to take place.

I hadn’t set foot in a church in a few years. There’s something about baggage that can keep you from returning to the place you picked up the bags in the first place. I have a history with church, specifically evangelical churches. …

Judas gets a bad rap.

We think of him as the betrayer, as the bad guy. We paint him to be one of the villains in the Passion of Christ. He’s the sellout, giving up his soul for just thirty pieces of silver.

I think we need to reevaluate how we see Judas. We forget that he was chosen by Christ to follow; he was loyal to Jesus for three years. He ate, slept, drank, and heard the teaching of Christ for those three years. Those experiences and lessons didn’t merely fall on deaf ears. Judas was counted as a…

Aaron J Smith

Husband, dad, writer, nerd, coffee chugger, and kind of a mess. Diagnosed bipolar. In the never-ending process of writing. He/Him

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